Advertisers Help - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I advertise on this website?

Go to our advertisers section. There you will find detailed instructions on how to advertise with us.

Can I place Flash advertisements?

Yes! Our advertising system can accommodate Flash adverts providing they are within the specified size limits.

Where will be advert be displayed?

Advertisements may be displayed in a number of various locations on our site. These options offer a range of prominence levels. Obviously, advertisements with higher prominence are more expensive.

What do you mean by prominence?

Prominence, in this context, refers to how visible your advertisement is. Those placed nearer the top of the page and on important pages such as our home page have higher prominence.

Other advertisements sometimes appear where my advertisement should be. Why is this?

You have probably opted for a 'per pay click' or 'pay per impression'. With this arrangement, advertisements are randomly rotated within a given advertisement slot.

I have uploaded my advertisement and paid for credit but my advertisement is still not appearing. Why is this?

All advertisements go through an approval process. This is a routine process to ensure security and prevent abuse of our services. Our moderators will normally approve advertisements within a few hours and almost always within one working day. Your advertisement will appear as soon as it has been approved.

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