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Junior PhD Derivatives Quant Analysts / Latvia

Aug 08
Latvia Flag RIGA, Latvia
£ High
A leading company are looking to hire quantitative analysts to work in their research, strategy and modelling group to participate in the research and development of investment risk . You will be based in their research team in Latvia.Role:-You will participate in every stage of the company’s modelling/research effort in quantitative...

Research Led Start Up Recruiting Machine Learning Researcher

Jul 25
United Kingdom Flag London, United Kingdom
Research Led, Start Up focusing on behavioural learning and simulation in virtual environments is looking to recruit a Machine Learning Researcher.Role:-You will customize machine learning algorithms, come up with creative features, train them, and deploy them to games and simulations where they can interact with real usersRequireme...

Options Fund Recruiting Junior Trader- NYC- $High

Jul 18
United States Flag New York, United States
Leading Options Fund based in New York are hiring a junior trader. Role:- My fund in NY is looking for a listed options trader to join the systematic options trading strategy. The role will involve assessing market liquidity, execution, portfolio management, dynamic hedging and pre and post trade analysis. You will be working closely with t...

Delta One Desk Hiring Strategist onto HK Desk

Jul 18
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
Role:-• Application development o Building a front-end and back-end to monitor and run back-tests for dividend swaps, forwards, swaps, etc. Front end would include ability to display graphso Pricing tools for ETFs, Forwards, Swaps, EFPs? Front-end and back-end with correct modelso Index arb monitor: show ...

Billion Dollar Fund Hiring Systematic Credit Quant Analyst/ Trader

Jul 18
United Kingdom Flag London, United Kingdom
Role:-• Your role will involve working on the research and development of systematic trading strategies in the rates and credit markets. You will also work on the monitoring and explaining portfolio risk and performance and increase diversification by adding new instruments to the portfolioRequirements:-• Excellent PHD or Masters qualif...
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